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This hunting gear can be used year-round, and help you hang your stands in almost half the time.

by the HuntDaily staff

Every year, hunters across the country scramble to set up tree stands and get their cameras out in time for the season opener. Not only is this last-minute effort hectic and hasty, it can be dangerous. Hanging tree stands, clearing limbs, and opening shooting paths takes a lot of work and time—especially when you have to climb up and down to retrieve gear and supplies. Now there is a specifically designed, pre-season solution to that annual rodeo that will help you get a head start on those crafty bucks.


The new HSS-Hanger from Hunter Safety System is an important piece of gear for any sportsman who hunts above ground. The HSS-Hanger enables you to travel up and down trees with less effort and greater safety. You wouldn’t choose to wear your car’s seatbelt just on weekends or use hearing protection for shotguns and not rifles, so why risk climbing into a tree, setting stands, or clearing shooting lanes just because it’s not hunting season? This is the first safety harness designed primarily for pre-season, and it deserves your attention.

The HSS-Hanger come ready to work, including a lineman’s climbing strap and adjustable tree strap. High-quality and heavy duty material combine with intelligent engineering to ensure reliable performance for years to come.

You could use your standard hunting harness when hanging stands or cutting shooting lanes, yet the new HSS-Hanger is designed to do tree stand work while leaving you with both hands free. It’s a work harness and somewhat like the gear used by linemen who climb electrical poles and perform complicated high-angle work. If you are hanging stands in August when temperatures are near 100 degrees and you can cut the humidity with a knife, you know how sweaty you become while climbing up and down a tree. The HSS-Hanger has heavy-duty pockets the size of grocery bags so you can carry all of your tools and gear up the tree the first time. Creatively, these cargo pockets slide on a belt so that you can move past branches and obstructions while climbing. You can also slide the pockets in front of you to get the tool you need, and then slide them back out of the way.

Here’s where the HSS-Hanger harness really shines for pre- or post-season aerial work. Two large cargo compartments hold everything you need to hang your stand, cut shooting lanes, or to hunt.

Since this is a work belt, don’t worry about getting it sweaty and smelly. Wear it while cutting your trails and shooting lanes and forget it. This harness is made for hard work. The cargo pockets can also be used to hold trail cams, saws, headlamps, and a host of other gear.


The HSS-Hanger System

If you frequently hunt from tree stands, we hope that harness systems aren’t new to you. If they are, you are risking your life. The new HSS-Hanger System comes as a package with all the products you need to hang tree stands safely and with a fraction of the effort you needed previously. It includes:

  • HSS-Hanger Harness – This is a safety harness with deep pockets specifically designed for hanging tree stands and related field work. You’ll love the slide pocket design.
  • Lineman’s Climbing Strap – This allows you to work with both hands free (like electrical linemen) and includes a pro-grade, double-carabiner rope-style climbing belt that greatly simplifies climbing.
  • Adjustable Tree Strap – This allows you to hook onto trees of various sizes. Some hunters buy multiply tree straps for a quicker hook-up.
  • Suspension Relief/Deer Drag – With stands placed earlier in the season, you increase your probability of needing this drag strap to pull out that big buck!
  • Instructional DVD – Most men hate reading directions, so WATCH ME FIRST!
  • Safe-Use Instructions – After viewing the video, double-check procedures with the safe-use instructions so that you maximize safety while above ground.


Safety is Critical

A hunt club member felt nervous hunting from tree stands, so he built one out of seasoned wood that was roomy and included safety rails. He felt that he didn’t need a safety harness because he couldn’t fall out. Unfortunately, as he climbed toward the stand after nearly a year’s weather damage, the top ladder rung pulled loose and he fell 15 feet. His right shoulder was so badly damaged he never shook hands again.

Hunting is one of the safest outdoor sports, but it’s absolutely mandatory when tree stand hunting to wear a safety harness every time you climb a tree. If you hunt from an established tree stand, you can’t know what kind of mischief squirrels have been up to, the stress put on the stand from winter storms, or the damage from rain, snow, and recurrent freezing and thawing. Revisiting that stand for the first time is risky business and it’s critical that you wear safety gear like the HSS-Hanger.


The HSS-Hanger harness weighs just 2.7 pounds and is designed to be used in warm weather. It saves time, lets you hang stands earlier so that deer will get used to them, and is great for clearing out shooting lanes. Finally, and most importantly, this hanging harness will keep you safe so that, come opening day, you’ll have greater confidence in your security and be ready for the moment of truth.

Be sure to watch the video below to see the HSS-Hanger harness in action.



Hunter Safety System


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