Whitetail Scent So Powerful, It’s Silly

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SCENT WEB is potent scent that applies in a smarter way, to boost your odds during this year’s rut.

by the HuntDaily Staff; promoted by Hunting Made Easy

Photo courtesy of Larry Ditto Nature Photography
Photo courtesy of Larry Ditto Nature Photography

Did you ever play with Silly String as a kid? You’d press the button and out of the pressurized can would shoot a fun, sticky string – usually right at one of your unsuspecting friends. You’re all grown up now, but you can still have a blast deer hunting with revolutionary scent that’s a bit like Silly String.

Before we get into some sure-fire scent strategies for this year’s whitetail rut, let’s take a look at how SCENT WEB works and why it outperforms bottled liquid scents.





SCENT WEB Shoots Potent Attractants Right Where You Want Them

With the push of a button, SCENT WEB fires a heavily-scented, sticky foam string up to 10 feet away. Why is this so awesome? Because now you can deliver strategically-placed attractant without leaving a trace of human scent on the spot. That can make the difference between striking out and scoring on a keen-nosed mature whitetail. So, ditch those messy bottles, latex gloves and expensive wicks. Just shoot a web like Spiderman and hunt!

300% More Powerful than Liquid Scents

Every can of SCENT WEB is loaded with premium scent that’s encapsulated within the foam string. That foam (with all its craters, crevices and bubbles) creates incredible amounts of surface area, and increased surface area translates into more scent dispersion.

Five Days of Attraction

Liquid scents work, but they evaporate fast. SCENT WEB’s encapsulated formulation delivers time-released performance that lasts for five full days. This will save you time and money when hunting a particular stand on multiple days, because there’s no need to re-apply your attractants on each hunt.

Moisture Reactivated

When SCENT WEB gets wet, it spikes in its potency – making it particularly devastating at dawn and dusk when the dew sets in. Since whitetail activity peaks during the morning and evening hours too, SCENT WEB’s moisture activation creates an ideal scenario for success.

Never Touched by Light or Air

Even scents in brown bottles get “light touched,” and every time they’re opened the air exposure affects their freshness and authenticity. SCENT WEB, on the other hand, never gets affected by exposure. It’s a totally-contained powerhouse of whitetail attraction that performs every time.

Perfect for Scrapes

Whether you’re cross-scenting an active scrape line or creating mock scrapes in your hunting area, SCENT WEB’s delivery method is just the ticket. Shoot a string on the churned-up ground to drive that buck crazy. And fire a blast right on the licking branch from 10 feet away – to keep any trace of human scent from your boots or hands away from the scrape site. SCENT WEB sticks right to the licking branches and leaves – precisely where you want it.

Treestand Delivery

Imagine you’re in your tree and the wind shifts a bit during your hunt. You identify an ideal spot to lay down some scent under the changed circumstances. Instead of climbing down from your perch to administer bottled scent (which risks spooking deer or missing an opportunity), just shoot a web instead – right from where you sit.

Play the Thermals

Thermal currents, particularly on afternoon hunts, can really change the way scent travels. Falling temperatures toward evening force air currents downward. When you feel the temps dropping, you can shoot a SCENT WEB up onto some high branches from your stand location to take advantage of those down-drafting thermals – for maximum downwind coverage and attraction power.

Shooting Lanes

You work hard cutting out those shooting lanes – especially when bowhunting. As long as they’re there, make sure a cruising buck loiters on the perfect spot by shooting a SCENT WEB on a tree truck, branch or on the ground at each lane.



Your Pre-rut to Post-rut Strategy with SCENT WEB

Think of SCENT WEB as your Multi-Weapon System as you target big whitetail bucks during the different stages of this year’s rut:

ScentWeb_SheDuct1. Search Stage: Love is in the air when buck testosterone levels begin ramping up after the velvet drops. While they’re not breeding, or even chasing does during the pre-rut search stage, they are mindful of the local doe herd and are keen to keep tabs on them by scent checking their territory. During this period, use SCENT WEB She-Duction Doe Urine, a non-sexual attractant for all-season use.




ScentWeb_Scrape2. Chase Stage: As does near their estrus cycle, but will not yet “stand” for a buck, things get hot in the whitetail world. Bucks vie for dominance, create rub and scrape lines to claim territory, fight when they have to, and chase does that are close to coming into season. This is prime time for SCENT WEB Scrape Venom, which is a blend of doe urine, buck urine and buck tarsal gland. It triggers an intense territorial response in bucks, making it ideal for active scrapes, mock scrapes and travel corridors.



ScentWeb_SheHeat3. Breeding Stage: At that magic time when does become receptive to breeding in your region, it’s time to introduce SCENT WEB She-Heat, made with urine taken from does in estrus. A shot of She-Heat in the right place at the right time will help bring that buck in on a string when he’s got just one thing on his mind. Also during this stage, continue using Scrape Venom at all your active stand locations. [inset She-Heat can image]




4. Post Breeding Stage: Just because the fevered activity might slow down after the primary rut, that doesn’t mean the party’s over. Unbred does will come back into estrus about a month after the peak breeding has occurred. Be ready for it with SCENT WEB, and repeat the tactics you used during the Breeding Stage.

5. Post-Rut Stage: The does now have a bun or two in the oven. The rigors of the rut have been hard on all the animals, and they’re only thinking with their stomachs now. Time to switch gears and use a combination of She-Duction doe urine (as a confidence scent) along with a SCENT WEB food-based scent. Depending on your area and what the primary forage is, you can choose from Vanilla Acorn, Apple and Sweet Corn lures.


Attention Elk, Hog and Bear Hunters: You’re Covered Too

SCENT WEB is available in Hog (Sow in Estrus) and Elk (Cow in Estrus) formulas.  For bear hunters looking to lure a bruin in with a tasty treat, all the food-based SCENT WEB flavors will attract bears to investigate. They include Vanilla Acorn, Apple, Sweet Corn and the very popular Smokey Bacon.

SCENT WEB is available where most hunters shop for their gear, including Cabela’s, Bass Pro, Fleet Farm and local outdoor retailers. You can also order it direct from https://www.hmeproducts.com/scent-web/.

Best of luck to everyone this season. May your rut be filled with exciting chases, fierce fights and the buck of your dreams caught up in a SCENT WEB.

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