Three Hunting Products to Upgrade in Your Pack this Year

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By Halley Parmele

As long range hunters, we’re always looking for ways to better our performance and maximize our capabilities. While a lot of our success is determined by our experience level and skill, your equipment can be a key factor to making those longer distance shots. 

It’s time to retire your 10+ year old equipment and upgrade to new equipment that not only has higher quality materials, but also special features to help you make those difficult shots. It’s time to upgrade your equipment to Huskemaw gear. 

Huskemaw promises you the Long-Range Advantage, which simplifies long-range shooting with patented technology that allows dialing both distance and windage from a single turret without calculation, extending your maximum effective range and delivering confidence in every shot. That’s enough to convince you to order today, right? 

In case you still need some persuading, here are three products you have to include in your pack this year.

1. Huskemaw Scope

Huskemaw offers six different scopes to choose from including a variety of Blue Diamond, Tactical, and Crossfield series. Each scope is enhanced by the simple, yet powerful wind hold HuntSmart reticle (U.S. patent 8365455) that makes dialing in for your shot faster and easier than ever. 

2. Huskemaw Turret

You will definitely want to pair your new scope with a single or dual stacked Huskemaw turret. This patented technology allows dialing both distance and windage from a single turret without calculation. In fact, it just takes four simple steps. 

  1. Range it. Determine the distance to the target in yards.
  2. Wind it. Identify the wind speed and direction at distance.
  3. Dial it. Dial to distance and note the wind hold reading on the same turret, a patented feature available only to Huskemaw.
  4. Send it. Using the Hunt Smart reticleTM, hold on center instead of over and on horizontal hashmark based on wind reading your confidence in every shot.

Why would you not order a customized Huskemaw turret? Yes, I said customized. Here’s how:

  1. Mount your Huskemaw scope on an accurate rifle. The scope will come with a generic data collection turret.
  2. Complete the Information Card supplied with your scope and then use this information to fill out the online form below. Print your Range Card.
  3. Go to the range, collect and record shooting data info on your Range Card.
  4. Using data collected from the range, visit the Turret Page and order your customized turret. Enter code: CUSTOMTURRET to receive a free turret with a scope purchase.
  5. Once you receive your custom turret, replace the original data collection turret and adjust the zero index ring.
  6. Go have a successful hunt with the Huskemaw Long-Range Advantage!

Did I mention that it’s free with a Huskemaw scope purchase? There’s no reason not to get yours today!

3. Huskemaw Binos

And finally, you can’t forget the importance of a good pair of binos. The new Huskemaw 10×42 HD Binoculars were born from three years of rigorous field testing from sea level to 12,000 feet in elevation. The result is a compact and lightweight package that’s big on performance. When performance, durability and grams matter, Huskemaw 10×42 HD Binoculars make the perfect field companion.

For more information on Huskemaw products or to find a dealer near you visit

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