Long-Range Big-Game Shooting Made Easy

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If we told you that with the push of a button you could range your target, adjust for bullet drop, crosswind, and shooting angle, and have exact point-of-impact to 700 yards and beyond, would you believe us? Well, it’s true.

by the HuntDaily staff

Long-range shooting is a hot button in hunting circles today because we are all interested in extending our downrange skills. While we may not seek out those 300- and 400-yard shots as a rule, the ability to shoot accurately at such distances can mean an empty tag or not being able to deliver a needed follow-up shot.

Nothing can replace the experience and skills developed through dedicated practice when it comes to shooting out to the edge of our comfort zone. The problem for many of us, though, is that such shots usually require competency in adjusting for bullet drop, which requires ranging, some math, guesstimating wind speed, and then managing to “keep it together” while you dial it all in—all the while hoping the animal stays put long enough for you to make it happen.

Fortunately, there is a product that eliminates nearly all of the mental acrobatics involved in long-distance shooting, and gives you the advantage you need when it’s time to make the hero shot. It’s the Eliminator III riflescope from Burris Optics.

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The Eliminator III is the latest variation of Burris’ groundbreaking Eliminator riflescope. This sophisticated system combines a conventional rear focal plane riflescope with an integrated laser rangefinder, digital display, and a precision reticle design with wind drift compensation. Burris offers two models of the Eliminator III: 3-12x44m and 4-16x50mm.


  1. Put the crosshairs on the target
  2. Push the ranging button.
  3. Place the illuminated dot on your target and shoot.

In essence, with one push of the ranging button, the Eliminator III will show you exactly where your holdover will be by way of an illuminated dot. Simply push, point, and shoot—no more fumbling with a rangefinder, calculating MOA, or hoping that in the heat of the moment you do not use the wrong holdover mark on your reticle.

It does not get any easier than this. Watch this video and see for yourself…

The Eliminator III’s bullet drop compensation table is based on a ballistic curve of bullet drop in inches at 750 yards when the scope is zeroed at 100 yards, plus your bullet’s ballistic coefficient. If this sounds scary to you, it should not. The necessary info is readily available through your cartridge manufacturer, ballistics software, or Burris’ own extensive cartridge list. You can also simply measure your actual bullet drop at 750 yards with the scope sighted in at 100 yards. Once you input these values into the scope—an easy process using the setup buttons on the side of the tube—the only other variable to consider is altitude compensation (another simple adjustment).

When you activate the Eliminator III, the riflescope will range your target and automatically illuminate the appropriate reticle dot, providing the correct holdover for bullet drop compensation. The cascading dots give point-of-impact for windage compensation.

With this data, the Eliminator III also provides you with the windage offset for your specific cartridge whenever you range a target. A series of cascading dots to the left and right of the bottom post give you the windage-corrected point of impact based on wind speed and direction. There is some minor math involved to make the windage calculation, but even that comes easy with a little range practice.

While the Eliminator III displays line of sight (LOS) distances, it also has an integrated angle sensor that allows it to adjust automatically for uphill and downhill angles by converting LOS to horizontal distance. Since the scope can calculate bullet trajectory from zero to +/- 45 degrees, it eliminates the age-old “Do I hold high or low, and by how much?” question when shooting at extreme angles.

The Eliminator III comes in two models: 3-12x44mm and 4-16x50mm. You can use either Weaver- or Picatinny-style mounts.

Repeatable long-range shooting accuracy is a skill that blends art and science. Unfortunately, it is a skill most of do not possess. Were it otherwise, we would all be storied military snipers or 1,000-meter target champs. The good news is that the Eliminator III, as its name implies, eliminates nearly all of the barriers that make long-range accuracy such a challenge. For those of us who are serious big-game hunters, that’s a helping hand we’ll gladly latch onto.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Function and quality usually come at a premium price, and the Eliminator III riflescope is no different. Fortunately, this scope comes with the Burris Forever Warranty, and if you buy an Eliminator III riflescope between now and December 31, Burris will give you a $100 mail-in rebate.



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