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The new Primos Proof Cam trail camera delivers racecar performance with go-cart simplicity.

by the Hunt Daily staff

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We love new technology…sort of. More features and better performance in smaller packages are great. The caveat, however, is that stuffing more into less often comes at the price of increased operational complexity; and sometimes those extra features rarely, if ever, get used.

The folks at Primos Hunting took all of this into account when they developed their next generation of high-end trail cams. In this case, “high-end” doesn’t mean exorbitantly expensive or so techno-laden that it takes an Einstein or a 12-year-old to figure out how to operate it. On the contrary, the new Proof Cam series trail cameras incorporate a diversity of photography and video recording options, yet deliver them with such a simple user interface that anyone can operate these cameras quickly and without frustration. The results, if our field tests are any indication, are astounding.

Proof Cam 02-1
The new Proof Cam series of trail cameras by Primos Hunting offers the best of both worlds…high-quality photo and video imaging plus super-simple operation. This is one camera you won’t be cussing when you set it up.

The Proof Cams come in three flavors, and all provide still photo, HD video, HD time-lapse video and HD time-lapse video plus still photos. There is the budget-oriented 01 model (10MP images, 70-foot nighttime range with low-glow LEDs, .7-second trigger time, green body), the 02 model (12MP images, 100-foot nighttime range with low-glow LEDs, .4 second trigger time, camo), and the 03 model (12MP images, 80-foot nighttime range with blackout LEDs, .4-second trigger time, camo). All models operate on eight AA batteries that, depending on your selected mode of operation, can let the camera run for up to nine months. Included is a generously long tree strap with a locking buckle. Incorporated into the body are two molded-in security loops. These accommodate a 5/16-inch security cable (sold separately) that allows you to lock the camera to the tree. All three cameras feature a fast 3-second recovery rate, and share a common user interface located inside the housing.

This is where the magic happens.

Proof Cam 02-2
A finger-operated latch secures the two halves of the Proof Cam’s weather-tight housing together. You can access both the user interface and the batteries while the unit is securely mounted to a tree.
Proof Cam 02-3
The camera comes with a durable, extra long strap and a one-touch locking security buckle. Set the camera to around three feet off the ground, wrap the strap around the tree and pull to secure. Two security loops molded into the face of the housing give you the option of securing the camera with a locking cable.

Selecting which mode to use and how each mode will function is where the Proof Cam shines. After you’ve made the initial setup (establishing the time and date), there is nothing more to do but select the type of recordings you wish to take: still photo, HD video, HD time-lapse video, and HD time-lapse video plus still photos.

Proof Cam 02-4
Setup of the Proof Cam is virtually foolproof. Three selector switches and color-coded graphics make this camera easy to operate even with its wide range of available settings and image capturing options. The display in the lower righthand corner is used to help set the time, date, and nightvision shutter speed. It also displays, as seen here, the number of image files stored and remaining battery life.

When you are in time-lapse-photo mode, the delay switch lets you adjust the intervals between photo recordings.

Proof Cam 02-5
You can change the settings at any time by slipping the camera into setup mode, adjusting the mode, settings, and delay switches, then turning the unit back to the “ON” position.

Once you have set the date/time and the recording settings, move the OFF/SETUP/ON switch to the ON position and the Proof Cam is ready for business. It really is that simple. Since the camera uses an auto-adjusting Passive Infrared Sensor, you don’t have to adjust sensitivity to accommodate varying climates or situations.

The Proof Cam records onto an SD memory card in jpg (photo) or AVI (video) formats. Use your computer’s SD card reader to access the images and video, or attach a USB memory card reader to your computer or USB-compatible mobile device.

In addition to recording videos and images, the Proof Cam records audio in the video mode, is programmed for the moon phases, and features a built-in temperature sensor. This data, as well as the date and time, are included on the date stamp at the bottom of all recorded imaging.

Proof Cam 02-6
We pulled this image from a time-lapse video clip. Note that the Proof Cam’s date stamp also includes the moon phase and the temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius.

To wring out the Proof Cam, we set the camera near a mineral lick where we occasionally bowhunt, testing the photo, video, and time-lapse modes. We had not been in this area since December of the previous season, and were curious to see how much activity the lick would draw in late spring, and if there were any interesting bucks to look forward to this coming fall. As it turned out, the lick was still going strong in mid-May (we had placed the trace mineral block there in early September of last year). Three or four knobby-headed bucks, plus assorted does, frequented the lick over our three days of testing.

True to its name, the Proof Cam delivered the proof that, come hunting season, we’re going to be right in the zone. Best of all, the simple and intuitive user interface meant we were up and running in no time flat. When it’s time for serious pre-season scouting later in the year, we’ll have full confidence that the Proof Cam will deliver exactly what we need to establish the best hunting stands in our area.



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