From Africa to Alabama – This Crossbow Does It All!

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If this American-made crossbow can take down some of the world’s biggest game, imagine what it will do in your neck of the woods.

by the HuntDaily staff

American crossbow hunters love chasing whitetail deer and they want a crossbow that delivers power and speed to bring down that big buck quickly. They also want top-shelf performance in a package that’s light, maneuverable, and that can be comfortably carried in the field all day.

Last summer we accompanied Don Wilson on his trip to prove the Horton Legend Ultra Lite has the chops not only for big-game animals across North America, but also for large game on the Dark Continent. Wilson’s heart nearly stopped when one of Africa’s huge Livingstone’s eland suddenly appeared in front of his blind. The old herd bull had several cows with it and seemed to use them as a screen to protect its flanks. The bull passed by the blind at 30 yards and Wilson had his sight directly behind the shoulder when the monster finally stopped.

Horton 1

“I had only a second to shoot,” said Wilson in animated fashion. “It went just 40 yards and fell over. The arrow completely penetrated its massive chest. The whole shot seemed like a dream.”

Since whitetails don’t live in Africa, Wilson used this safari as a “tune-up” of sorts to test equipment and technique for his fall deer hunt. As a testimony to the power of the Horton Legend Ultra Lite, Wilson’s eland produced 800 pounds of meat at the skinning shed. On the hoof, the eland weighed at least twice that much.

The next afternoon, Wilson watched a waterhole where a big kudu bull came to drink. This time, he took the kudu squarely on the shoulder and the arrow had the power to completely pass through this elk-size animal. In all, Wilson would take five animals on the safari with five arrows.

That’s the kind of performance any serious hunter expects from quality equipment.

Horton 2

A Legendary Performer

The Legend Ultra Lite is a 175-pound draw compound bow powered by 13-inch HL Limbs™. It includes a lightweight carbon injected polymer barrel fitted to Horton’s new ABX (Adjustable Bullpup Crossbow) stock. Just as a quality shotgun or rifle must “fit your frame” and have the appropriate length-of-pull, the Horton ABX stock adapts to the shooter for optimal comfort and shooting ergonomics. Just remove the screws and adjust the stock into any of the seven cheek piece or three butt plate positions.

TenPoint Crossbow Technologies, the industry leader in crossbows since 1994, re-launched the venerable Horton brand in 2011. Brand-loyal fans wondered what the “new” Horton would be like. Now they know, and are rejoicing at the new features and quality engineering TenPoint brings to the table.

TenPoint bows are made in America, not Asia, and so are all Horton crossbows.  The Legend Ultra Lite weighs just 6.8 pounds without accessories and incorporates the heralded TenPoint cocking systems that allow shooters to crank the bow to full draw (ACUdraw), cock it with a rope/pulley system that attaches to the stock (ACUdraw 50), or to use a cocking rope that automatically retracts into the palm of your hand so that there are no tangling ropes and handles (ACUrope). Even with the Legend’s 175-pound draw weight, these cocking aids allow any adult to cock the bow easily.

Horton 4

Wilson used a red-dot scope on his safari since most African waterhole shots are 20 yards or less. To suit whitetail deer hunters who must be ready at any range, the Legend Ultra Lite is available with the new 3X Pro-View 2 illuminated scope. This scope features crosshairs at 20, 30, and 40 yards, with a free-standing dot for 50 yards. With 3X magnification and an 8.5-inch tube, this scope offers the ideal combination of magnification and field of view for hunting in open or brushy whitetail country. The 3X Pro-View 2 incorporates standard black crosshair reticles with red or green illuminated dots. A rheostat allows you to adjust the light intensity to suit any shooting condition.

Horton 6

The Perfect Package

Whether you are a first-time crossbow buyer or are moving up to a newer model, the Horton Legend Ultra Lite package is an ideal choice, as it comes with all the amenities you need for opening day, except broadheads. The bow adjusts to your individual shooting requirements, and packs the speed (335 fps) and power (97 ft-lbs) to shoot through three-feet of beast muscle (as Wilson proved in Africa).

Accessories include a three-arrow ambidextrous quiver and three Horton carbon arrows. The 3X Pro-View scope attaches to a Picatinny rail so you can adjust for eye relief as needed.

This lightweight, 8.5-inch aluminum-tube scope features 20, 30, 40, and 50-yard dots (fourth dot is free standing, just below the 40-yard crosshair) and fully-coated 3x optics. Available with non-illuminated black dots or one of two rheostat-controlled, illuminated colored dots (red or green).

Horton 5

Safety Comes Standard

TenPoint is the industry leader in crossbow safety, and the Legend Ultra Lite sports the latest safety hardware. The Dry-Fire-Inhibitor (DFI) ensures that you don’t shoot the bow without an arrow engaged. When cocked, the DFI automatically switches the safety from “fire” to “safe.” The safety mechanism is clearly visible and can be easily operated while wearing hunting gloves. The Legend Ultra Lite’s forend has a comfortable grip and TPE rubber safety wings to prevent your hand or fingers from accidentally getting in the bowstring path.

Finally, TenPoint and Horton both offer excellent instructional and safety videos.

If you are in the market for a crossbow, definitely check out the Horton Legend Ultra Lite. While you’re at it, take a look at these trophies taken by Horton crossbow hunters. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more full-featured, hard-hitting, and customizable crossbow on the market today for the price.



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