Turkey Hunting’s “Secret Strategy” Revealed

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If you want to get CLOSE to a big gobbler this year…we mean ridiculously close…check out this strategy smart turkey hunters are using.

by the HuntDaily staff; promoted by HECS, LLC

If you’ve been hunting spring gobblers for any length of time, you already know the odds are often stacked against you. Between the unpredictable spring weather, call-shy birds, henned-up toms, and the predictably-erratic nature of the birds themselves, a successful turkey hunt requires a lot of things to come together just right. Then there is the fact that turkeys have exceptional eyesight and one false move can cause a promising setup to crash and burn in seconds.

Let’s face it…spring turkey seasons are short, so between the limited days we can hunt and the crazy weather, maximizing every advantage during the time we have in the field is vital.

A few years ago, we came across a product that has made a huge difference to turkey hunters across the country. We’ve tried it ourselves over the last three seasons with similar results. In a nutshell, it’s a simple, yet technologically sophisticated garment that, while not rendering you “invisible” to turkeys, does seem to render you “non-threatening” to sharp-eyed hens and gobblers, allowing you to get incredibly close to make the perfect shot and seal the deal. The technology is called StealthScreen, and here’s how it works…

StealthScreen detail

Biologists have long acknowledged that birds and various animals (as well as fish) are sensitive to an assortment of naturally occurring electrical fields. These include the earth’s electromagnetic fields that birds use to navigate during migration, as well as bio-electromagnetic fields that living organisms (including humans) continually generate. Many wildlife species, it is believed, use these electromagnetic signatures to navigate, detect prey, and even to alert them to predators. Birds are especially attuned to electromagnetic fields, and that includes wild turkeys. In fact, tests have indicated that some birds actually see electromagnetic fields, not just sense them.

StealthScreen technology is designed to prevent our body’s electromagnetic energy from being seen or sensed by disrupting or nulling the field so that it is not detectable by animals that are sensitive to it. While this may sound like hoo-doo to some, StealthScreen technology has been proven to work in controlled laboratory testing and in the field. We’ve been using it for turkey and deer hunting for the last three years and our ability to get away with movement and to get closer to game has made us believers.

The technology behind StealthScreen is a special conductive carbon fiber weave incorporated into a lightweight mesh pant, shirt, and hood. You can wear it as an underlayer beneath your regular camo outfit to accommodate the temperature and environment you’re hunting in.

If you have ever used a microwave oven, you can easily understand how the Stealthscreen technology works. In a microwave oven, the door has a screen in the glass with a mesh sized to, literally, prevent microwave energy from escaping. The StealthScreen carbon weave does the same thing to our bodies’ electromagnetic fields, thereby preventing turkey or other wild game from seeing or sensing our electromagnetic energy while we wear the suit.

Sure, game animals can still see us, but now we look more like non-threatening inanimate objects to them—a tree or stump or a limb moving in the breeze. The electrical signature that animals use to identify another living being has been effectively removed from the equation. This allows turkey hunters, for example, to get ridiculously close to the birds and get away with subtle movements (such as raising a bow or shotgun) without sending them into the next county. In other words, movements that would otherwise put a turkey in a panic flight are usually ignored when wearing a StealthScreen suit.

So, no, the StealthScreen suit does not make you invisible, and it doesn’t mean you can throw good hunting craft out the window when wearing it. You still must mitigate noise and large, fast body motions. What the suit absolutely does do is provide you with another layer of stealth that keeps turkeys calmer when they get inside your kill zone. And that is exactly the time and opportunity you need to make the perfect shot.


Now is the perfect time to give the StealthScreen a try. The company is offering $30 off a HECS StealthScreen camo suit or base layer AND free shipping if you use the code “gobble18” at checkout.





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