Transform Your Stand Into a Big-Game Hauler

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This simple kit makes it easy to haul gear and game out of public lands, and can give you access to territory you would never have considered hunting

by Joe Byers for HuntingDaily

We hunters seem to take more and more equipment into the field. Our daypacks are often full of “must-haves,” then add to that your bow or gun and a climbing treestand. If you hunt on public lands or an area that’s not easily accessible by truck or ATV, that’s a lot of gear to pack. Now…what happens if you actually get a deer? You’re looking at two trips—one to get your gear out and another to retrieve your game. If you’ve walked in a mile or two, you’ve got your work cut out for you.

Here’s a simple solution that every climbing stand hunter needs to know about… The Sherpa Hunting Game Cart Conversion Kit.

The kit consists of a folding aluminum bracket with detachable all-terrain wheels. For carrying purposes, the bracket and wheel assembly separates and can be cinched flat to your treestand. When deployed, the brackets fit between your stand’s platform and climber to form a solid payload platform. Add the wheels to the bracket axle and your treestand is now a fully functional game and equipment cart.

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We really like this multipurpose concept since climbing stands offer the greatest strategic advantage to deer hunters who hunt on public or remote lands. Climbers allow you to make last-minute adjustments for wind direction and fresh sign, such as a newly discovered rub or scrape line.

The Sherpa game cart kit lets you hunt deeper in the woods with the knowledge that you can roll your deer out instead of dragging dead weight, so to speak, over long distances. That is the kind of physical stress that keeps many hunters from accessing those remote locations where the bigger bucks are likely to be found. The Sherpa becomes a magic carpet of sorts, giving you unprecedented access and extraction capabilities.

This tactic is especially effective in the late-season or during cold weather when a hunter can be soaked with sweat just getting to a hunting area. Assemble the cart before departing and you can pile your warm clothes, a big jug of coffee, and the other needed gear and roll it all right to your stand. Once there, remove the wheels from the stand and climb a tree. Easy in, easy out.

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As mentioned, the Sherpa game cart is ideal for public land hunters or private land hunters who may not be able to get an ATV into their hunting area. Many National Forests have extensive road systems used only by firefighters, emergency personnel, and hunters on foot. Likewise, many state game lands have extensive access trails that are closed to all motorized vehicles, and this game cart/treestand strategy is tailor-made for such places.

Since many Federal and state lands prohibit the use of permanent stands and/or the use of screw-in climbing steps, public land hunters use climbers almost exclusively and frequently travel long distances to get away from other hunters. This conversion kit makes a great way to haul your stand and gear into and out of the woods, and provides the means to haul your deer. In other words, it re-purposes something that you already have with you—your treestand—to solve several problems.

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The assembly is designed to haul up to 250 pounds, which is enough for two deer or an average size bear after field dressing.

Aging hunters, women, and those with back problems or other medical issues can also make good use of the conversion kit since it helps them easily move all of their gear. It’s also a terrific solution for hauling bags of corn, awkward decoys, or heavy mineral blocks. Suddenly, weight doesn’t matter.

To see how simply the Sherpa Game Cart Conversion Kit works, check out this demo video. Because the kit is available for use with seven different climbing stand brands (Summit, API, Ol’ Man, Lone Wolf, Tree Walker, Equalizer, and Buckshot models), you’ll quickly envision hunting places you’ve never considered before. Just remember to use a safety harness and follow the treestand manufacture’s safety precautions.

The Sherpa Hunting Game Cart Conversion Kit can help you hunt deeper, longer, more effectively, and take the hard work out of your earned success. Now that’s our kind of “must-have.”



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