Top Five Turkey Hunting Must-Haves

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The game is ON, and this is the gear that will keep you on the board.

by the HuntDaily staff

We always like to support companies that give back to the sport we enjoy so much. As turkey hunters, we owe a tremendous debt to the difficult conservation work done by the National Wild Turkey Federation on our behalf—everything from reintroducing stable wild turkey populations across the country to habitat restoration to hunter education. So, when we come across products that are licensed and sanctioned by the NWTF, they get our attention. The quality is on the mark, and we know that the NWTF and wildlife directly benefit from our purchase.

ALPS OutdoorZ is one company that offers several premium NWTF-licensed products designed by turkey hunters for turkey hunters. If you’re needing to upgrade your gobbler gear this spring, here are a few NWTF-licensed items that we’ve tested and used from ALPS OutdoorZ, and that we recommend for upping your turkey hunting game.

Super Elite 4.0 Turkey Vest

ALPS OutdoorZ SL1_10

Sometimes, there’s such a thing as being too accommodating. That defines the Super Elite 4.0 vest quite nicely. With 22 specialized pockets, we often catch ourselves loading more into our vest than we need simply because we can!

The Super Elite 4.0 lets you pack every type of call you could want in the field. There are two pockets for slate calls. Each pocket has a padded divider, which we use to stash each call’s scuff pad. There’s a box call pocket that separates the box from the paddle for silent carry, and two mesh diaphragm call pockets.

The inside of the vest has a quiet cotton lining with numerous mesh pockets built in. Three of these pockets feature snap buttons to secure your slate strikers. We use the other pockets to hold our owl locator call, face mask, gloves, and the numerous gotta-haves we always take with us.

ALPS OutdoorZ SL1_2

Another plus is the fold-away seat cushion. This is a plush, 2.5-inch thick pad that secures via release buckles. Drop the seat and you’re in for a comfortable setup. There’s even a padded back panel between the shoulders in case you find yourself leaning against a tree all morning. Finally, the large game bag back pocket is lined with durable nylon that cleans up easily.

The Super Elite 4.0 vest comes in Mossy Oak Obsession and is available in M-L or XL-XXL sizes.


Thicket Portable Turkey Blind

ALPS OutdoorZ SL1_3

It doesn’t always take a blind to drop a big bird, but if you hunt in an area where run-and-gun operations aren’t essential, a blind is your best friend. One of our favorites is the ALPS OutdoorZ Thicket Blind in Mossy Oak Obsession. For shotgunning turkeys, this one’s tough to beat. With a shooting width of 69 inches and 180 degrees of window opening, the Thicket offers plenty of interior maneuverability and a wide shooting range.

There are two features of this blind that any turkey hunter will appreciate.

First is the Silent-trac window system. This system allows the upper or lower halves of the shooting windows to be raised or lowered independently, and do so silently. With this configuration, you can open only as much window as you need to match your terrain and shooting position, and you won’t make noise in the process. The two rearward viewing windows also utilize the Silent-trac system.

ALPS OutdoorZ SL1_4

Second are the two gear pockets built into the interior wall. These were designed to hold slate and box calls, plus strikers. The pockets keep your calls within easy reach and out of the way of your other gear to prevent accidental bumps and noises.

Setting up the Thicket blind is a cinch thanks to flexible fiberglass poles and lightweight aluminum hubs. The blind is constructed of robust 600D polyester with a black-out backing that keeps you well-hidden even on bright mornings. A shoulder carry bag is included for easy field transport.


Turkey Chair

ALPS OutdoorZ SL1_5

If you prefer long mornings sitting off the ground, yet want to maintain a low profile, consider the ALPS OutdoorZ Turkey Chair. This is a lightweight, fold-flat chair that keeps you low to the horizon yet comfortably out of the dirt and mud. It’s built on a powder-coated steel frame with a mesh seat back, and comes with a padded shoulder strap for field carry. Mossy Oak Obsession fabric helps maintain visual stealth.


Ambush Shotgun Case

ALPS OutdoorZ SL1_6

Hard gun cases can be a hassle, which is why we prefer high-grade padded soft cases for toting our shotguns in our truck or UTV to and from the hunt. The NWTF-licensed Ambush case from ALPS OutdoorZ fits that bill nicely. A combination of open- and closed-cell foam wrapped with a rugged 600D polyester shell in Mossy Oak Obsession provides excellent mechanical and finish protection, while the #10 heavy duty zipper keeps the contents secure. We especially like the zippered side pocket. It comes with a zippered interior mesh pocket to keep small items separated, and features choke tube and cartridge holders.


Roost Chair

ALPS OutdoorZ SL1_7

Sometimes the best turkey setup isn’t the most comfortable. That’s where the Roost Chair picks up the game. Consider this an “all-terrain” turkey chair because each of the four legs are independently adjustable to match ground slope and irregularities. The leg pads also conform to the ground and offer a large footprint to prevent them from sinking into the dirt.

Interestingly, the Roost Chair folds flat and can be easily transported via the padded adjustable carry strap. Mesh seat and back panels keep you cool on those warm mornings, and help reduce overall weight. Seat height is also adjustable, and a front mesh pocket is perfect for keeping a backup call or two within easy reach.


The National Wild Turkey Federation has performed a vital service in the restoration and expansion of wild turkey populations throughout the country, but their work is far from over. Habitat enhancement and ongoing re-population efforts to ensure sustainable turkey numbers for future generations to enjoy require the support of us all. That’s why we’re always pleased to put forth companies such as ALPS OutdoorZ, whose product sales of these and other quality NWTF-licensed items help support this hardworking organization.



ALPS OutdoorZ

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