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In a loud and crowded marketplace, one sportsman’s cooler shines brighter than all the rest. You may never have heard of it, but that’s about to change…

by the HuntDaily staff

Coolers are not the glamour products of the hunting world, but for most of us, they are a required piece of equipment. They make life comfortable and convenient in camp, and they are essential for keeping game from spoiling until we get back home.

Most of the top-end coolers on the market today perform these necessary tasks quite admirably, and discerning which works best is kind of like splitting frog hairs. There’s just not a lot of feature separation from one to another.


Over the last year, however, we have been test-driving one cooler that does stand apart from the crowd. Not only does it keep our stuff cold as good or better than the competing premium cooler brands, it has several features the others don’t—features that offer practical advantages for the adventurous sportsman. We’re talking about LiT Coolers, and if you are as serious about your hunting, camping, fishing, and collegiate tailgating as we are, we think you’ll appreciate the unique and customizable features these coolers offer.

First, the Obvious

LiT coolers get their name from one of the cleverer ideas we’ve seen incorporated into a modern cooler—interior lighting. Having a light in your cooler isn’t something most of us would even consider, but after using it, we wonder how we ever got along without it.


Each LiT cooler comes with a waterproof, battery-operated LED liner that sits on the cooler’s interior rim. When you lift the lid, the lights come on automatically, allowing you to clearly see your cooler contents. It’s like opening a refrigerator door for a midnight snack. No more holding a flashlight in one hand while fishing for a drink or a package of meat with the other hand. There is a manual on/off switch that allows you to save battery life during the day. To recharge, simply pull out the liner and plug in your standard micro-USB B-style charging cable. Incorporated into the LED liner is a rechargeable battery. We’ve been using our LiT cooler for over a year now, and have yet to recharge it.

Another feature that is, admittedly, more form than function is the customized logo plate located in the center of the lid. LiT Coolers is licensed to offer logos from several university teams, as well as popular Greek societies. Numerous monogram and color options also allow you to create your own logo.

The Chill Factor

Now to the reason we buy coolers in the first place—to keep things cold. Here, LiT coolers deliver a one-two punch. The robust roto-molded chassis is filled with a high-efficiency insulation and capped with a 2.5-inch thick lid (versus a conventional 2-inch lid) and sealed with a no-stick rubber gasket. By itself, this construction provides optimal temperature stability, but LiT coolers go one step farther with the inclusion of the company’s proprietary Ice Legs.


Most of us have used cooler packs to help prolong bag ice life. The problem is that these packs take up space that is better served for content capacity. The LiT Ice Legs, by contrast, fit vertically in the four corners of the cooler so they do not take up valuable storage space. When combined with the high-efficiency insulation, the Ice Legs keep temperatures lower for longer than other cooler/pack combinations we’ve used in the past.

Ready for the Field

Aside from the unique features incorporated into the LiT coolers, there are the manufacturing details you would expect to find in a premium cooler line, such as beefy marine lid latches, foam/nylon rope handles, screw-in drain plug, and heavy weight hinges.


Two things that we really like, and that make the cooler easy to transport in an open truck bed or UTV, are the large rubber feet and the cargo hook holes built into the handle grips. We’ve placed our LiT cooler untethered in the back of our pickup and run up some truly rotten roads full of potholes, washboards, and tight switchbacks and the rubber feet kept the cooler planted firmly in place. For more aggressive trails, hooking the cooler to tie-down straps is a cinch.

Take Your Pick

LiT offers their coolers in three different capacities: Firefly TS300 5.5-gal./22-qt., Halo TS-400 8-gal./32-qt., and the Torch TS-600 13-ga./52-qt. Available colors include Sage, White, and Gray, with your choice of white or blue liners.


If you prefer camo treatment, all three cooler models (in Sage with a white liner) are available with camo lids in either Mossy Oak or Realtree patterns. And, of course, the illuminating logo insert is customizable.


The premium cooler market is crowded, with little separation between the brands. Thus, when we found a cooler that delivers industry-exclusive features that meet our needs and hunting lifestyle, that’s the one that got our nod. If you haven’t tried a LiT Cooler yet, it’s definitely worth a look.



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