Never Be Cold On Your Bow Stand Again

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ThermaCELL’s new Heat Packs provide customizable heat to keep you warm and comfortable this bow season.

by the HuntDaily staff

We all love bow season, but the often wildly fluctuating temperatures can make keeping warm a challenge. It is usually too warm for heavy dress during the day, but sitting on a stand early in the morning or after the sun goes down can cause serious teeth chattering if you do not wear enough.

Well, we discovered a couple of new products that help keep you warm no matter how much the temperature may waffle. We have been using them this bow season, and only wish they’d been around years ago.

They are called Heat Packs, and they are made by ThermaCELL—the same folks who produce the rechargeable and remote-controlled ThermaCELL Heated Insoles. What is great about the Heat Packs is that they allow you to customize your heat needs—letting you put just the right amount of heat where you need it.

There are two sizes of Heat Packs available: Pocket Warmer and Hand Warmers. The Pocket Warmer (one per pack) is the larger of the two. ThermaCELL designed this product to fit primarily in your shirt breast pockets or your inner jacket pockets, where it can deliver heat to your torso. The Hand Warmers (two per pack) are smaller and are ideal for placing in your pants, hand muffs, or exterior jacket pockets—wherever you stuff your hands when you’re trying to stay warm and waiting for the big one to show. Both models are extremely lightweight and take up less room than a cell phone.


Portable hand warmers are nothing new, but unlike the old-style flame hand warmers or the disposable iron oxide packs that offer inconsistent and uncontrollable heat (and must frequently be shaken in order to keep working), Heat Packs provide a steady and manageable heat source. They contain an integrated lithium-ion battery that you recharge with a USB wall-charger. So, unlike disposable iron oxide packs, the ThermaCELL Heat Packs can be turned off, recharged, and used over and over again. You get better performance and save money over time.

Heat Pack operation-sm

In spite of their technical sophistication, the Heat Packs are simple to use. To charge, simply plug them in and wait for the green light to come on. Once you’re in the field, a small switch located on the end of the unit allows you to set the heat to one of three output levels: low (106○ F), medium (110○ F), or high (116○ F). The heat is consistent and uniform across the Heat Pack’s surface. The charge will last for up to six hours, depending on the setting.

Here’s what we’ve learned from using the Heat Packs so far:

  • The Pocket Warmer is perfect for keeping our core warm. Placing it inside a shirt pocket near our chest or tucking it in the small of our back keeps that deep chill from creeping in.
  • The Hand Warmers really shine for bowhunting. If you are the kind of bowhunter who can wear light gloves and still manipulate your release, you can keep the Hand Warmers in your pockets or place them inside the gloves so that they lie against the back of your hand. If you are a fingers shooter or cannot wear gloves with your release, just keep the Hand Warmers in your “at ease” pockets. Then, when it’s time to take the shot, there is no fumbling around with gloves. Your bare hands will stay warm in your pockets until you are ready to grab your bow.

ThermaCELL’s Pocket Warmer and Hand Warmers have absolutely changed our bowhunting game. With the Hand Warmers, we can now keep our hands consistently warm without having to pull off gloves (and risk being spotted) when the big moment arrives or fool around with those too hot/too cold/have-to-shake-them iron oxide disposables. And when that deep chill starts to set in after hours on the stand, the Pocket Warmer provides that core warmth that lets us stay cozy and quiet in our stands until last light.

In sum, ThermaCELL’s new Heat Packs may be small, but they have made a big impact on keeping us warm, comfortable, and in our bow stands longer this year. You definitely need to check them out.





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