Tactical Tech Boosts Performance and Durability

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Frontloaders take the next leap in technology. Here’s the latest… by the HuntDaily staff; promoted by Traditions Performance Firearms Black nitride. Ferritic nitrocarburizing. Salt bath nitriding. Call it what you will, the fact is that nitride treatment has found its … Continued

Reviewed: 2017’s Best Hunting Technology

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RDX technology has totally changed the bowhunting game. You won’t believe how light and maneuverable these crossbows have become. by the HuntDaily staff The most radical and futuristic crossbow style, bar none, is attributed to Reverse Draw (RDX) technology. Some even say … Continued

The Ultimate in Accuracy and Knockdown Power

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With a high and consistent ballistic coefficient, match-grade accuracy, and controlled expansion for maximum terminal performance across all hunting distances, the new Hornady Precision Hunter has it all… by the ShootingDaily staff There’s no question about it—serious big game hunters … Continued